Most, if not all, smokers accept that smoking is bad for you and can kill, and if they had a choice they would stop. Unfortunately, the harmful effects of smoking does not allow them to do so easily! Therefore, Off The Street is asking that we keep smoking away from people who do not wish to be affected by it and from children as they may be influenced by it.

In July 2007, a law was introduced to protect employees and the public from the harmful effects of second hand smoke in all enclosed public places, workplaces and public and work vehicles.

In October 2015, to smoke in a car (or other vehicle) with anyone under the age of 18 became illegal.

Many parents take the responsibility to ensure that they do not smoke in front of their children so that their children do not learn from their bad habits.

Despite this, many parents feel it is ok to smoke in public places in full view of other children, whether it be on their front drive, on a side street or whilst walking to and from work.

As part of the Stoptober Campaign to stop smoking in the month of October, Off The Street is campaigning to stop any form of smoking (including vaping) in public places as well as around children. This includes in front of School gates, town centres, places of worship and parks.

Why? well, to stop the harmful effects of smoking from influencing our children and to do our best to encourage smokers to stop or at least consider their surrounding before they consider smoking.

To request posters for your local centre, please email