Off The Street Community Youth Project is suspending all activities as of Saturday 21 March 2020 to keep in line with the nation’s commitment to helping prevent the virus from spreading.

Like all situations in crisis, there is great sadness, but there are great opportunities and lessons to be taken. OTS has long been campaigning for parents to take an active role in the life of their children and to take time out from their working practice to spend it with their children, not by giving them expensive gifts or taking them on holidays, but being in their company. An article released by OTS in February 2018 shared a story of a boy saving up money to buy an hour of his father’s time.

To many, these restrictions will have plenty of challenges, such as education, health and fitness, mental health and well-being but at the same time have opened up for parents to take on the responsibility. In the coming months, we will learn this process, and we will make mistakes, and some of us will get it right and others wrong but will try again and again, and there is no one right way. But together, we can come back as a stronger community. There will be many lessons we will learn during this time, such as health and the food we consume, the environment, family life, and know what matters to us the most.

During this period, we encourage parents to socialise with their children, keep them active and do not be afraid to take them out on walks and to the park. When going out, please follow the guidelines given by the government to maintain a distance from others and not gather in groups. Parents should help lift the spirits of their children and know that OTS will be planning and working behind the scenes preparing events and activities in time for when the restrictions will be lifted.

In the meantime, we will update you on further updates with OTS and please keep safe.

Off The Street

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