No Smoking Day: the day you start to stop!

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Let’s face it, there are lots of reasons why it’s a good idea to stop smoking. And even though quitting won’t be the easiest thing you’ll do, we know it will be up there with the best.

Smokers come from all walks of life, each with their own reasons for wanting to quit. For some, it’s to be healthier and fitter. For others, it’s more about how their smoking affects the people around them – their family and little ones.  And for lots, it’s the thought of all that money going up in smoke.

Whatever your reason, think carefully about your motivation and, during the tough times, remind yourself why you’re doing it.  Believe us, it can make all the difference.


No Smoking Day is a yearly big push to get smokers who want to quit started on the path to being ‘Proud Quitters’

Around 10 million people in the UK still smoke, while around 100,000 die every year from smoking-related causes. That’s 100,000 too many. And that’s why we need your help.

Budgets in the public health envionment may be stretched, but we’re still here to help. No Smoking Day is one of the most cost-effective health interventions of its kind, but its success depends on you.

That’s why we’re calling on you to help us reach more smokers than ever – and inspire them to stub out their last cigarette.