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A Mother’s Love

A young boy once made his mother very angry which caused the mother to order the boy to leave the house. The boy went to the market place and asked ‘is there anyone who will take me in’. A women took the boy into her house and gave him a place to sleep.

The next day when the mother opened the door, she saw her son on the doorstep, and still in an angry state from the day before, she exclaimed, ‘Did I not order you to leave!’. The boy responded ‘Yes, a women took me in to her house, she fed me, she cared for me, she looked after me. But when she looked at me, it was not the same look as my mother’s look, and when she cuddled me, it was not the same as my mother’s cuddle, and when she kissed me goodnight, it was not the same as my mother’s kiss, therefore I realised, no-one can love me more than a mother loves her child’.

Happy Mother’s Day