“Our elders went to work to survive. The current generation go to work for a better life. 

Whilst the previous generation spent little time with their children, the current generation pays others to look after their children”

While we complain about the generation gaps between young and the old, it is no wonder that when we look deeper into the lives of parents that gap between generations weakened the link between parents and children through a lack of social time together.

The generation following that of our grandparents did not have access to activities like we do today due to the lack of awareness or money therefore spent most of their time making do with what they had. Parenthood today is one of providing for their children both in sport and education activities but also luxuries such as phones, tablets and computer games. What has almost gone is communication, time spent together, bonding and friendship.

To finish with a story – A son regularly received money from his father. One day the son asked his father for some money to buy something for themselves and his father said “I have given you so much, what more do you want?” and then asked his son to leave him alone. The father feels guilty and he goes to his son and asks “Son, what is it that you want?” he asks for some money.  Having not been given any money the son asks his father, “How much do you earn an hour” the father now angry says “What is it to you how much I earn?” the father eventually calms down and tells his son the amount and then he leaves. The father returns to give his son the money he asked for. The father asks his son, “Son, what do you want this money for?” The child replies, “Father, you and I have not spent anytime together in the past six months, I am saving up this money so that I can buy one hour of your time so that we can spend the hour together”

(Excerpt from lecture on ‘Don’t Blame the Bad Boy’ by Shaykh Abdul Majid https://youtu.be/0y93K1aqWuo?t=2964)

OTS is encouraging parents to look at their work and lifestyle habits and to spend time with their children, not to just give them the dream holidays or the fancy clothing or the ability to go and take part in activities. OTS is encouraging parents to enjoy one to one time with their children and to get to know them so that they become a friend. If you do not spare the time now, they will turn to others, and when they need someone to talk to, who will they turn to?

OTS runs a number of activities that can be found below.  Take the step and attend with your children and take part.



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