Football Sessions Under Threat

OTS has been running Football on Sunday mornings at Melbourne Fields since 2013 catering for the local community. The session attracts 60-80 participants every week.

However, we have had to cancel the football session due to a lack of volunteers. Whilst the participants have increased the number of volunteers has remained low. Due to the lack of volunteers, it has become difficult for those volunteering to be responsible and provide a safe and secure environment for our children.

We have considered cancelling football on a number of occasions and are willing to cancel sessions at the last minute if we are short on volunteers. This will be on the grounds of safety for our children and not being able to carry out the session in a secure and responsible way.

Our commitment to your children is our top priority. OTS puts the safety of your child first, before the needs of OTS as a whole.

As we find ourselves in this challenging situation, we are appealing to you as parents and members of the community to get involved and volunteer. After all it is our children that will suffer if the sessions are cancelled.

We need your help to continue running these football sessions every Sunday from 10am to 12pm at Melbourne Fields in Valentines Park, to volunteer, apply below. For full details of the roles, please click here.

To support OTS, please donate here.

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