‘Brownlee moment’ as pupil carries friend to finishing line

Two schoolboys had a “Brownlee brothers moment” when one carried the other across the finishing line.

Riley Watson, 10, was 60ft from the end of a cross-country race when he collapsed with a stitch.

But classmate Julian Otu, also 10, came to his rescue – carrying him in his arms.

The gesture came during an inter-school race in Grimsby and was captured by local newspaper photographer Jon Corken.

The youngster, a pupil at Allerton Primary School in Immingham, told the Sun newspaper: “I’d rather not have won and helped my friend than leave him there.”

Julian’s act of kindness was likened to that of Alistair Brownlee helping his exhausted brother Jonny over the finishing line at the Triathlon World Series in Mexico – sacrificing his own chance of winning.

The boys’ head teacher, Amanda Turner, said: “What Julian did encompasses how we want our children to be. He has exemplified his caring attitude.

“He is one of our young leaders where he helps support younger children within the school with extra classes.

“I am proud to say we have a school full of Julians.”

Source: BBC